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Welcome Shattered Lands dudes!!!

This is a world of chaos. ocne balanced it has now become very un-balanced by fighting and good vs evil

  1. this world has 10 months. each months is 3 weeks, and each week is 7 days
  2. during each week there is one full moon.
  3. during the 10th month there is No sun for all 3 weeks
  4. during the 10th month there is no moons for the 1st & 3rd Weeks
  5. during the 10th month the 2nd week is solid full moons for 7 days
  6. During week 2 of the 10th month all the moons are visible and full


  1. 1-3 are spring [Peddlers moon]
  2. 4-6 are summer [Kissing moon]
  3. 7-9 are fall [Huntress moon]
  4. 10 is winter [Demon moon]

Month list
1—Lauma [Fate/Suffering]
2—Janus [Beginnings/Endings]
3—Aine [Love/lust]
4—Meri [brazil/sun/folk hero]
5—Paria(caca) [Incan/Rain & Water]

Main Page

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